Maria Augusta Pannunzi is a specialized professional musician who has been performing for over 20 years. She graduated in 2009 with a Master degree which enabled her to teach Musical instrument A077.
She became a tenured teacher in 2012 at the Secondary School Specializing in Music (SSSM) in the "Giovanni Pierluigi" comprehensive School of Palestrina (Rome): Istituto Comprensivo Velletri Nord .
Since 2006 she has taught Transverse Flute, Solfeggio and Music Theory in Rome County State Secondary Schools specializing in music (SSSM).
Furthermore, since 2009 she has worked in a startup music project with the "Anzio Music High School".

Maria Augusta Pannunzi is especially known for discovering, teaching, and preparing very YOUNG TALENTS to play flute, as recognized by the brilliant results achieved.
Great sensitivity, human empathy, TEACHING METHODS and professional ATTENTION are the qualities that distinguish her as a teacher.

She also gives private lessons of TRANVERSE FLUTE, THEORY and SOLFEGGIO at the basic or advanced level which allows students to be admited to HIGH SCHOOL or to the Conservatory for PROFESSIONAL development.

If interested in receiving PRIVATE LESSONS, INFORMATIONS or professional advice, please contact her at:
or on facebook.